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Leopardstrail Bengals Indiana by Joe and Kathy Ward Home Page

Indianapolis 317.452.0933

The Leopardstrail queens are all pampered and loved pets as well as an important part of the Leopardstrail breeding program.

Leopardstrail Queens

Leopardstrail Fantasia WickLeopardstrail Fantasia Wick

SBT female

Fantasia has a very wild look and a beautiful white tummy. She just has excellent type and is producing gorgeous kittens! Leopardstrail_Fantasia_Wick_Kitten

Leopardstrail  Meant to BeLeopardstrail Meant to Be

SBT female

This is a very special female for us! The white tummy is locked in as it is in our other females. She has a beautiful expressioned white tummy and a random pattern.

Leopardstrail Storm WatchLeopardstrail Storm Watch

SBT female

A gorgeous white tummy female, Storm Watch has a good pattern with rosettes and no vertical. We look forward to get kittens. An 8th generation cat, she is 4th generation whited!